Wawasayg Schedule 2016


6:00pm – Pizza Party!

7:30pm – Asinabka Presents
– “The Dark Comedy Program” (1hr 30 min)
Showcase curated by the Asinabka Festival
9:00pm – Launch Party!
– Music, experimental media arts, and all forms of artistic celebration with light refreshments provided.

10:00am – 10:00pm (FULL DAY!)

10:30am – Wawasayg Presentation Series
“Repercussions” (3:45 min)
by Terril Calder

“Casualties of Modernity” (14:34 min)
by Kent Monkman

“Kiskisiwin (Remembering)” (6:20 min)
by Martha Stiegman and Jesse Thistle

“Stolen” (7:00 min)
by Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs

“HIDE” (2:46 min)
by Sébastien Aubin

“We Story the Land” (27:10 min)
by Martha Stiegman and Sherry Pictou

12:00pm – Lunch Provided

1:00pm – Wawasayg Discussion Series
– Short film Showcase by Bradley E. Paul
“Rekindled” (2:43 min)
“The Dream” (3:05 min)
“Strangers” (2:43 min)

“Murder House” (2:40 min)
by Jared Gull

“sweet night” (5 min)
by Jessie Short

“SPIRIT OF BIRTH” (11:49 min)
by Rebeka Tabobondung

“The End of the World” (6 min)
by Clayton Windatt
– Discussion period with artists after the screenings

3:30pm – Wawasayg Focus Series

“Braids” (2:26 min)
by Cole Forrest

“The Hole” (2 min)
by Daniel Ira Couchie

“Mikwendan” (4:30 min)
by Lindsay Sarazin

“K A R M A” (1:43 min)
by Merl-Lee “MJ” Helmer
– Discussion period with artists after the screenings

6:00pm – Dinner Provided

7:30pm – Saturday Night Feature
“Fractured Land” (1hr 20min)
by Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis

Afternoon CINEPLEX Field Trip!!!