“HIDE” by Sébastien Aubin

Canada – 2014 – 2:46 minutes
directed & edited by Sébastien Aubin

Synopsis: A collaborative production developed at the Banff Centre’s 2014
Aboriginal Visual Arts Residency, featuring the hand scraped hide of a barren-ground caribou spinning to the tune of the sparkling winter sky. The multi disciplinary artists involved hail from Quebec, the Yukon and Manitoba together they explore constellations, warble flies bites, hide dander, long hair, and the constant jaring shifts required to keep it all spinning. Sayisi Dene people use the same word for stars as they do for the sparks seen among caribou. When they move in the night, the friction of their fur creates static, sparks, and stars. HIDE is an impromptu act of art making, the result of chance meetings and big dreaming. The original composition by renowned Quebecois pianist, Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, highlights the delicate crackles of deep space and the ruckus cauchophony of intercultural collaboration.

Concept developed with: Angela Code, Ange Loft, Jeneen Frei Njootli
Art & movement direction: Ange Loft / Hunter & Performer: Angela Code & Jeneen Frei Njootli. / Original composition: Jean-Philippe Sylvestre / Online editor: Eric Cinq Mars