Zakide – Drop-In, check-in “NO PRESSURE” casual social development ZOOM sessions

Zakide – Drop-In, check-in “NO PRESSURE” casual social development ZOOM sessions
As a way of supporting artists, community members and arts stakeholders working with Zakide, we have established a series of ZOOM check-in sessions to provide a social space for collaboration, discussion and connection. Zakide is working with several artists as part of our CRISIS RESPONSE projects as well as our 2020 Duality-Firestarter Summer Incubator. Although Zakide has been conducting closed sessions over the last few months, developing projects specifically with our commissioned artists, these public sessions are designed as drop-in digital spaces, providing a platform for artists and community members in proximity to our projects to socialize and engage in casual development. 

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Time: Jul 30th, 2pm – 5 pm EST

Time: Aug 10, 2pm – 5 pm EST

Time: Aug 28, 2pm – 5 pm EST

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Obviously, we are all more interested in hearing about how everyone is taking care of themselves than in trying to find ways of being creative or making anything in person in 2020. We are not encouraging anyone to venture out into the world or supporting anyone breaking health protocols during this time of pandemic. We are supporting artists to be safe and make the most out of their individual situations. This means that some artists will be able to venture out while others must remain indoors. This is why we feel the need to provide some very basic social and creative support. See you there, or not. No pressure. 🙂