When the Salmon Spoke

“When the Salmon Spoke” is presented by Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission and Ping Chong + Company, in collaboration with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust and Salmon Beyond Borders. A digital production featuring cinematic imagery, indigenous music and visual art, and captivating life stories from community members of the Stikine River, this project connects coastal Tlingit and Haida communities and inland Tahltan communities of Alaska and British Columbia.

When the Salmon Spoke from pingchongcompany on Vimeo.

Lovey Brock (Haida, U.S.)
Allen Edzerza (Tahltan, Canada)
Trixie Kalkins-Bennett (Tlingit/Tahltan, U.S.)
Annita McPhee (Tahltan/Tlingit, Canada)
Bill McPhee (Tahltan, Canada)
Rhoda Quock (Tahltan, Canada)
Tis Peterman (Tlingit/Tahltan, U.S.)
Frank Young, Jr. (Haida, U.S.)

Peter Morin (Tahltan, Canada)
Erin Tripp (Tlingit, U.S.)

The storytellers of “When the Salmon Spoke” each shared their stories in one-on-one interview sessions with our project leaders, followed by recorded sessions for the production. They agreed to share virtual space in this project, though their stories and perspectives may at times differ. Each expresses their personal viewpoints and lived experiences. Their work, and ours, continues in Tahltan Territory and Tlingit Aani.

Project leaders:
Tis Peterman (Tlingit/Tahltan), Annita McPhee (Tahltan/Tlingit), Kirby Muldoe (Gitxsan/Tsimsian), Heather Hardcastle, & Ryan Conarro.

Creative Director & Producer: Ryan Conarro

Music: George Kuhar
Drumming: Katherine George-Byrd (Tlingit)
Singing: Katherine George-Byrd & Ethel Lane (Tlingit)
Formline Visual Art: Alano Edzerza (Tahltan)
Animation: Sarah Conarro & Julian Bozeman
Video Editing: Dan Mesec & Ryan Conarro
Sound Editing: Mike Sakarias & Ryan Conarro

Community Engagement & Facilitation:
Tis Peterman (Tlingit/Tahltan)
Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack) (Nuxalk/Secwepemc)
Annita McPhee (Tahltan/Tlingit)
Kirby Muldoe (Gitxsan/Tsimsian)
Ryan Conarro
Heather Hardcastle

SEITC Outreach Consultant in Alaska: K’yuuhlgaansii Frederick Otilius Olsen, Jr. (Haida)

Outreach Consultant in Tahltan Territory: Carmen McPhee (Tahltan)

Editorial Consultant: Sara Zatz
Research collaboration: Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack) (Nuxalk/Secwepemc)
Dramaturgical support: Maia Wikler
Transcriptions: Miciana Alise (Tlingit)
AanYatxu.org Story Archive: Sarah Campen, with Heather Hardcastle & Ryan Conarro

Videography, Photography, & Footage

Michael Bourquin (Tahltan), Allison Barrett, Hannah Barrett, Ilsa Barrett, Cheyenne Hendrickson, Dan Mesec, Troy Moth, Colin Arisman, Ryan Peterson, Travis Rummel, Bjorn Dihle, Amy Gulick, Chris Miller, Alex Crook, Freddy Munoz, Garth Lenz, Global News / Canadian Global Television Network

“When the Salmon Spoke” is a work in Ping Chong + Company’s Undesirable Elements series of community-specific theatrical works, conceived by Ping Chong.
Conceived as a virtual process & digital production by Ryan Conarro.

For more information about the project please visit: https://skeenawild.org/when-the-salmon-spoke/