“Duality – Firestarter” 2019

“Duality – Firestarter” 2019 is the second annual multi-disciplinary arts incubator and exhibition conducted by Zakide engaging artists and community in tandem with the 12 shows programmed in the ON THE EDGE Fringe festival. Starting in early July and running through the festival (August 13 – August 17, 2018), “Duality – Firestarter” features a series of disruptive interventions exploring and invading local spaces taking over the WKP Kennedy Gallery and areas of the Capitol Centre in downtown North Bay, Ontario. These interventions take shape as theatrical activations, performance art pieces, visual and media arts installations, poetry, music and all forms of immersive arts experiences.

“Duality – Firestarter” represents barriers between the worlds we live in and an unseen alternate existence that lies beyond. This construct presents the exceptional, unconventional and irregular. Looking through to the other side can present something unimaginable or simply mirrored versions of reality. Delving into the unknown allows for unhindered challenges and questions to flow freely. Venturing through “Duality – Firestarter” is to engage various artists and juxtaposed ideas taking shape as the development and implementation of collaborative multi-arts installations, immersive media arts environments or pop-up performances creating one overwhelming experience of alternative expression. “Duality – Firestarter” fosters valuable arts opportunities for Indigenous artists to engage with regional artists in North Bay. It allows the artists to conduct their own arts actions or engage in collaborations with the other artists involved. Our focus is always on collaborative processes, and as artists ourselves we value the efforts of others and ensure that all contributing artists are respected and reach outcomes that benefit their own arts practice. “Duality – Firestarter” is a transformative experience for both the artists involved and the engaged community members. It compliments and enhances the experience of those attending the festival, as well as anyone whose curiosity is piqued by our activities, while at the same time, allowing the artists to experiment and create new works to further their arts practices. 

Author: zakide