CRISIS RESPONSE MISSION: In response to the current global pandemic crisis, Zakide is moving its planned 2020 Duality Firestarter Multi-Arts Incubator from operating on-site in North Bay, Ontario to a collaborative online program as a way of protecting our artists and continuing to engage our arts community both locally in Nipissing District and across Canada. Existing resources that are dedicated to travel, accommodations and per diem will be redirected towards artist fees as a way of showing increased support to artists involved. Our goal with continuing to encourage creativity during these times of hardship is to stimulate innovation and inspire as a way of building community. Artists involved will be encouraged to produce works from home and share outcomes in a digital format based on their needs and ability retaining control over self-guided processes. During a time when increased connection is difficult, these outcomes will be shared and promoted online as our way of continuing to celebrate the arts and build connectivity between people and contribute to the overall arts voice of Canada.